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Vending machines in San Fernando Valley

Vending Machines Ideal for the San Fernando Valley

Santa Clarita Concessions can give your San Fernando Valley operation the vending machine lineup it needs to keep people happy and energized. We have the latest in vending technology – snack vending machines, Coke/Pepsi vending machines, coffee vending machines, and much more – with a large selection of items to stock them. Go with a traditional vending program where people pay for items with each purchase, or try our subsidized or free vending programs for a further form of morale building.

The San Fernando Valley’s Best in Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

How often do people in your San Fernando Valley office stop by a coffee shop before work…or a couple times during the day…to get their daily cup of ambition? If it’s not uncommon, then you need to consider an office coffee service from Santa Clarita Concessions. We offer many types of brewers, from more traditional technologies to the latest in single-cup offerings. We’ll work with you to figure out which will best handle your unique office demands. Then you can choose from countless varieties of coffee brands, flavors and types to have on hand and ready to brew.

If water at your location is not the highest quality, ask about our water filtration services. We install bottleless filters that connect directly to your water supply, to make a better glass of water as simple as turning a faucet.

Self serve micro-markets service in San Fernando Valley

Get a Micro-Market for Your San Fernando Valley Location

What’s a Micro-Market? It’s where Santa Clarita Concessions transforms a portion of your San Fernando Valley office into a self-sustaining convenience store. We work with you to install displays, racks and coolers to fit your available space. Then you can pick from hundreds of different snacks, foods and beverages to fill the store. Self-checkout kiosks makes patronizing the store as simple as walking in, grabbing what you want and scanning/paying for them yourselves. Adding a Micro-Market is a great way to boost morale and productivity, as employees will be less likely to leave for lunch or dinner.

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