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Canyon County’s Best Vending Machine Provider is Santa Clarita Concessions

Whether you’re looking for traditional vending machines, like snacks and beverages, or something a bit more unique like vending machines that serve fresh or frozen food items, Santa Clarita Concessions is THE choice for Canyon County. We carry a comprehensive line of product, and you get to pick exactly what you want in each machine. Vending machines are serviced and stocked on a regular basis to keep everything working properly. We’ll rotate new items to keep your selection fresh and interesting. All this is supported by very flexible vending programs, such as subsidized or free vend arrangements.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration for
Canyon County Businesses

Like every other county in the U.S.A., Canyon County runs on coffee. Get what your employees need to stay fueled and refreshed throughout the day with an office coffee service from Santa Clarita Concessions. We have the coffee machines and coffees/teas anyone could want. Once installed, we regularly visit to restock your break room with coffee and peripheral items, and maintain your coffee equipment.

If water quality is a problem, ask about our water filtration services. These bottleless filters plumb into the water supply, delivering cleaner, healthier water in a much more simple and convenient way.

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Micro-Markets Available for Castaic

A Micro-Market is a unique service where Santa Clarita Concessions transforms a portion of your Canyon County office or facility into a self-sufficient convenience store. Our attractive displays, racks and coolers are installed in a configuration to best fit your office space and cater to the selection you want. There are hundreds of products to choose from, and we customize your product selections to fit your break room needs. Once ready, employees can walk in, grab the items they want and pay for them at the self-checkout kiosks. It’s a great new take on vending.

Santa Clarita Concessions is ready to deliver for you. Contact us at 661-259-7310 or to get started.