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Cold beverages from a vending machine in ice

The Vending Machines You Deserve in Antelope Valley

Vending is a great fringe benefit to offer employees, even where the deer and the antelope play. So if you’re in the Antelope Valley area, contact Santa Clarita Vending to find out what a vending program could mean for your operation. We have the state-of-the-art vending machines with the latest convenience features. This includes machines to deliver beverages, snacks, food items, coffee and much more. We also offer the brands you know and love, including both Coke and Pepsi. Every machine we install is regularly supported and stocked. We also are regularly updating our vending agreements for new ways to cater to your people. Ask us about our subsidized and free vending programs.

The Micro-Market Source for Antelope Valley

If you’re in Antelope Valley and searching for the latest in vending, check out Santa Clarita Concessions’ Micro-Market program. With a Micro-Market, we take a portion of your space and transform it into a typical corner store, featuring attractive displays and coolers stocked with a seemingly endless selection of snacks, foods, beverages and more. We also have healthier fare available. Once installed, all employees need to do is grab what they want, scan it at the integrated self-checkout stations, pay and go.

Steaming cup of coffee with coffee beans

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services for Antelope Valley

Don’t think coffee is that important? Just ask your Antelope Valley employees to see if they agree. Chances are, you could build morale and create more productivity by bringing an office coffee service in house. Santa Clarita Concessions offers the latest in brewing technologies, from traditional machines to single-cup options, with a large variety of coffee and tea types, brands and flavors. We will install, maintain and restock your supply on a regular basis to ensure there’s no interruption in the coffee service.

Water quality can sometimes be a problem. If it is in your location, ask about our water filtration services. Our filters plug right into the water supply. You might not see the filters, but you’ll taste the difference.

We’re available in Antelope Valley and we’re ready to serve you. Contact us at 661-259-7310 or