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Vending machines in Northridge

Northridge Vending Machine Solutions

Today’s vending machines are far from the old coin-op machines you remember, and Santa Clarita Concessions has the latest technologies to fill your Northridge office. We have nearly every type of vending machine imaginable, from snack and beverage vending machines, to those dedicated to healthy foods, cold foods and coffee. Whatever your choice, we’ll install and maintain them for free. Our product selection is amazing, and it’s completely up to your discretion what fills each machine.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Ideal for Northridge

We’re Santa Clarita Concessions, and we’re known for providing high level office coffee and water filtration services to the Northridge area. Our brewers range from by-the-pot options to the latest in single-cup technology. We also have all the coffees and teas you can imagine to make sure the cups your employees are getting match their flavor preferences.

Water quality can not only negatively affect the flavor of coffee, but also dampen the spirits of those hoping for just water. That’s where our water filtration systems come into play. These bottleless units connect to the water supply to make high quality, heathier water as accessible as simply turning a faucet.

Self serve micro-markets service in Northridge

Micro-Markets Available in Northridge

Micro-Markets are a unique offering from Santa Clarita Concessions where we take a portion of a Northridge company’s office or break room and transform it into a corner store. Who runs the store? It basically runs itself with the self-checkout kiosks. We work with in order to make the store best fit your available space, installing attractive racks, coolers and displays filled with a huge variety of concessions. The selection is completely up to you, and we’ll work to flex in new items when acceptable. One the store is up and ready, customers can grab the items they want, bring them to the checkout kiosks, and scan/pay for everything themselves. It’s the ultimate in convenience – and will keep employees on site for snack, lunch and dinner breaks.

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