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Serving Palmdale with Vending Machine Services

If you have a business or facility in Palmdale, think about what adding vending machines could do for employees’ morale and productivity. Santa Clarita Concessions has a full gamut of vending machines, from those that vend snacks and drinks, to the more unique cold food vending and coffee vending machines. We stock them with the products your employees know and love. Don’t have what you need? Just ask and we’ll get it for you. That flexibility doesn’t end with our selection. Ask about our unique subsidized and free vending programs for a different way to pay for services.

Palmdale’s Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration Needs are Served Here

Is getting a hot cup of coffee one of the first things your Palmdale employees do after arriving in the office? If so, imagine the morale and productivity achieved when you announce an office coffee service is being installed. Santa Clarita Concessions can get you there. We have all types of coffee equipment needed for your sized operation, and the coffees and teas your employees’ want. When regularly restocking your coffee, we’ll make sure all brewers are clean and running properly and we’ll restock your break room with supplies.
A good coffee program is contingent on good water quality. So ask about our water filtration services, too. Our water filtration system plugs right into your water supply, making water better at the source and easier to access.

Fresh brewed cup of hot tea

Palmdale Micro-Markets

Santa Clarita Concessions provides Micro-Market services to the Palmdale area. What’s a Micro-Market, you ask? It’s the ultimate in break room services, essentially turning a portion of your facility into a corner store. Literally, it’s attractive coolers, racks and displays arranged to best fit your available space and deliver the highest range of quality products. They include self-checkout kiosks which makes operation a breeze. Employees simply walk in, grab what they want, scan them at the kiosks, and away they go. With one installation, morale, convenience, selection and productivity are all maximized.

Get exactly what you want out of vending from Santa Clarita Concessions. Contact us at 661-259-7310 or